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WaterGuard™ Design

Our exclusive WaterGuard™ system keeps your outdoor kitchen perfectly dry. No more worry about your grillware getting wet and rusting.

This unique system literally channels water away from door and drawer openings, keeping the cabinet interiors clean and dry.


The Outdoor Stainless™ all 16ga stainless steel island cabinet system incorporates the WaterGuard™ rain channel to deter water from entering the storage enclosure. Configurations are available for two- and three-drawer applications. Made of 16ga stainless steel and utilizing best-in-class ball bearing slides to ensure smooth operation for a lifetime. Guaranteed.


Surface Options

Surface selections as unique as your recipes! Polished granite surfaces are available in a multitude of colors and patterns. Stone, brick, and tile surfaces may also be applied to your Outdoor Stainless™ grill island. Check with your Outdoor Stainless™ authorized dealer and get all the details to personalize your outdoor kitchen.

16 Gauge Stainless Steel.png

Superior Stainless

A leader in quality and innovation, Outdoor Stainless™ leads the way in construction quality and timeless durability. Each cabinet is hand-crafted from selected 16 gauge stainless steel material. Stainless steel of this caliber ensures that your investment will stand the test of time, keeping your outdoor kitchen ready for years to come!


Designed for You

Each product in the Outdoor Stainless™ lineup is designed by grilling enthusiasts FOR grilling enthusiasts! Every detail is designed to make the most of your grilling experience - because all you want around the grill are happy and hungry faces! Guaranteed against manufacturing defects as long as you own your Outdoor Stainless™ grill island, our innovative products are sure to be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.

Additional Premium Features

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Hidden Hinges ods.png
Door Latch ods.png
Rubber Door Seal ods (2).png
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